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Everyone else is just hoping their business survives right now. How about we make sure yours thrives?
  • How Divorce Listings are Different
  • Practical Tips for Managing the Drama
  • First 3 Steps for Every Divorce Listing
  • How to Break Into the Niche
We understand it’s easy to become a Realtor. And it’s really hard to succeed as a Realtor. You deserve to have people calling you to solve their problems. 

Join us to learn how Laurel's proven plan works and how to become expert in the Divorce Niche.

Meet the presenter, Laurel Starks is the nation’s foremost expert in Divorce Real Estate and as a veteran Realtor, has completed over $200 million in sales, and over 1,000 divorce cases. Laurel has founded the most comprehensive divorce real estate training program in the nation - The Ilumni Institute. This program educates and supports Realtors nationwide to serve as court-appointed experts in family law cases.

We help Realtors build businesses in divorce real estate.

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Thursday, January 28th, 2021
10:00  AM - 11:30 AM PST

Your Host: Laurel Starks