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The Ilumni Institute and Divorce Lending Association Proudly Present Our

Ask The Experts Series

"Understanding what drives interest rates, and how to use this knowledge to win deals and convert prospects to loans"

On the webinar we will cover...

  • How interest rates really work, and find out how to use the interest rate conversation to separate yourself from your competition
  • What drives mortgage interest rates and the day to day movements
  • How to forecast which direction rates are heading, and use that information to lock at the right times
  • How to position yourself as the expert advisor and use rates to win more deals
  • How to handle rate shoppers, especially when you are competing against possibly lower rate competitors

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Originally Aired: Tuesday, July 21st, 2020
10:00 - 11:00 AM PST

Your Hosts: Laurel Starks and Jody Bruns interview  Hammer J. Helmer, 20+ year mortgage industry veteran

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Hammer J. Helmer
20+ Year Mortgage Industry Veteran

Hammer J. Helmer, better known simply as Hammer, is a 20+ year mortgage industry veteran who spent a decade as a high producing originator before taking on an executive position for a mid sized mortgage lender. As the Director of Business Development and eventually National VP of Sales, Hammer spent almost 5 years helping over 300 originators to generate more business, much of it through online digital marketing and brand building. In 2014, Hammer chose to leave his corporate position and start OriginatorSuccess, a membership platform that affordably handles personal brand building and online reputation marketing for individual originators and brokers to help them get loans through organic search traffic and social media.

From 2010 until 2014, Hammer also helped launch, a premium mortgage backed securities monitoring and alert service, and was responsible for growing it to thousands of members. It was through RateAlert that Hammer taught other originators how to forecast mortgage rates by monitoring the bond market technicals and fundamentals, as well as how to use the rate conversation as a sales tool to convert more prospects to clients. When Hammer founded OriginatorSuccess, he began to write his own free daily lock commentary that goes out to thousands of originators every day, first by email and later adding a free Facebook Live every weekday. Hammer’s unique style of explaining the concepts in simple, everyday terms from an originator’s point of view while cutting out the jargon has made him a favorite go-to source for market and rate advice for originators nationwide.