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Ask The Experts: Managing the High Conflict Divorced Personality

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The Ilumni Institute and Divorce Lending Association Proudly Present Our

Ask The Experts Series

Dr. Sue Cornbluth is an internationally recognized expert in managing high conflict divorced personalities. She will be joining us this week to teach you how to manage these difficult clients as they relate to your work.

  • Understanding the High Conflict Divorced Personality Mindset
  • How to create calm within your High Conflict Divorced Client
  • How to seal the deal

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 Originally Aired: Tuesday, July 7th, 2020
10:00 - 11:00 AM PST

Your Hosts: Laurel Starks and Jody Bruns interview Dr. Sue Cornbluth, Parental Alienation and Coaching Expert

Dr Sue

Dr. Sue Cornbluth
National Parenting Expert In High Conflict Divorce And Parental Alienation

Dr. Sue Cornbluth is a certified parenting expert, coach and thought leader with international recognition, specializing in high conflict divorce and parental alienation situations. She is a regular contributor as a mental health expert for network television stations including NBC, Fox and CBS. She has contributed to several national publications.

Dr. Sue currently hosts a weekly radio broadcast in Philadelphia called “Real Divorce Talk” on 860AM-Talk Radio. She also is the Host of the Television show “Dr. Sue and You” on RVNTV. Booth shows focus on helping people move through difficult relationships.

In 2013 Dr. Sue established Parenting Beyond Trauma, LLC, a consulting firm working with parents to help them successfully move through their high conflict divorce situation. Her passion and goal is to help children succeed in life. She accomplishes this through her work educating and guiding parents and professionals.

Dr. Sue has served as a child abuse and victims’ rights expert. The exposure she gained as a lead expert during the Jerry Sandusky trial directly contributed to the growing demand for her expert opinion. She has gained global recognition and is contracted for speaking engagements around the world. The Women’s Distinctive Business Magazine recognized Dr. Sue as One of the Country’s Most Distinctive Women.

Dr. Sue resides in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband and two children. She holds a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and has worked as a Psychology Professor at Temple University.