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Ask The Experts Series

Gaining a Following - Your Future Depends on It

This is it. You’ve decided to create the next greatest group Facebook has ever seen….or become an Instagram influencer with 1m+ followers….or you’re going to build out your YouTube channel like you’re Oprah……or pour into your Nextdoor app so that everyone around will know and you’ll dominate your neighborhood like a BEAST!

And then……you get busy, can’t think of anything compelling to post, you’ll do it tomorrow, and the whole thing fizzles out like an Alka-Seltzer tablet.

You’re not alone. And, abandoning that mission could cost you your future.

Real estate is shifting, and acquiring business as we know it will is becoming obsolete, as Big Tech continues to chip away and erode our presence to the home buyer and seller.

If you do not own your platform, someone else does. Hands down, the strongest businesses are the ones with large databases, audiences, followers…..and they’re fed constantly.

One of the biggest influencers in real estate, Tristan Ahumada has built the largest online community in the industry. No one knows the impact of social media on a real estate business more than Tristan.

We’ve got him for a whole hour, and here’s a list of some of my questions:
  • How do you build a community?
  • It’s one thing to dump content, it’s another to acquire followers. How do you leverage your content to grow your audience?
  • What platforms are the best to build in - Facebook, IG, YouTube, TikTok?
  • You’re a content machine. How do you do it? What are some hacks?
  • You share everything. Aren’t you worried that you’re giving too much away?
  • What’s your thought on our dependency on Big Tech?
  • Zillow seems to be coming for us. What are your thoughts on that, and what can we do to secure our profession so we don’t lose it like the travel industry?
  • Where do you see the real estate profession in 10 years?

I am obsessed with building businesses through family law professionals, and serving those in our database whose families are in crisis. Combining expertise with a strong database that is constantly served, is as solid a foundation as you can get.

Join me as together, we learn from one of our industry’s greatest!

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Originally Aired: Tuesday, March 9th, 2021
11:00 - 12:00 PM PST

Your Host: Laurel Starks interviews Tristan Ahumada

CEO & Founder of Lab Coat Agents

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Tristan Ahumada

CEO & Founder of Lab Coat Agents

Tristan operates Lab Coat Agents as its CEO, consults Fortune 500 companies, runs a successful Real Estate team in California, expansion teams in the US (in different brokerages), owner in one Brokerage, currently sits on different boards for tech companies, and is also an international speaker. His love for technology and systems pushes him to test and use the latest products for growth for all businesses around the world including Real Estate Agents/Brokers. Tristan is from Southern California where he currently lives with his wife and 2 kids.