Ask the Experts: Is Virtual the New Reality?


If you are quickly making the shift from brick & mortar to a virtual platform, there are certain steps, tools, and procedures you should know so that you do not suffer from a loss of culture, control, and efficiency. 

Inman News is a national organization with 43 team members, spanning 15 states.  We will do a deep dive into their operation, and uncover the answers to questions that you want to know:

1) What hardware and software do you need to keep your team efficient and not disjointed?

2) What is the impact on team culture?

3) How can you ensure your team is actually productive, and not shopping at Target all day?

4) What does accountability look like?

5) Can tech actually replace offices as we know them?

6) What about team members who need daily interaction and a place to go every day?

7) What do you look for in hiring new team members?

8) What are the habits of highly effective work-at-home professionals?

And lastly.....Is the dress code really pajamas?

In light of the current pandemic, there may be no better time than now to make the move. But first, learn from an expert like Inman so you can hit the ground running!




Laura Monroe

Global Head of Community News @Inman News

Laura leads and manages a growing and active, Inman global distributed community whose purpose is to foster a culture of collaboration and connectivity with the brightest leaders of the real estate industry for years to come.

She cultivates Inman advocates, a community network of forward-thinking agents, brokers, tech entrepreneurs, Mortgage/Title, and Fintech innovators who align with the Inman mission to raise the real estate IQ-and choose their own path to opportunity with Inman Experiences and Journeys in media, PR, and events.

Laura brings nearly 2 decades of experience in the real estate space, starting with a team and then launching her own virtual assistant company. Since then, Laura has worked for real estate giants like Real Estate Webmasters, RealSatisfied, and NAR Reach. Laura began her career with Inman in 2012 and commuted 2-3 hours a day to their offices in San Francisco.

She joined the redefined, virtual Inman team again in 2020.

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Originally Aired: March 16th, 2020
11am PST