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2021 Ask The Experts (7)

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Friday, February 5th, 2021
10:00 - 11:00 AM PST

Originally Aired: Laurel Starks interviews Spencer Fleurant, Ahmad Alkhatib, Andrew Starks & Randy Abdalla

Ask The Experts Series
Gen Z Unplugged: A candid conversation about Stock Trading, Covid, Social Media, Suicide & Anxiety, Censorship and Life through the Eyes of a 20'ish year old…
Do not underestimate this generation. While they may be misunderstood and seem like they have no interpersonal skills (thanks to their lifetime overdose of screen time), make no mistake - this generation has the power of the world in the palm of their hands - and they know it.

In fact, they know it better than any of us do. They were born with an innate microchip of information and skills that the rest of us had to learn.

Gen Z have parents who lost everything during the 2008 market crash. They do not know a life without the connection of social media. The pandemic has stolen milestones in their lives that they’ll never get back. Their first election was the most epic in a Century. Government, the news media, and big tech has betrayed them. And the anxiety, depression, and suicide rates surpass any other generation's.

But don’t feel sorry for them - they certainly don’t! They’ve got bonds that run deep among themselves, their interests in politics, business, and the economy make them run circles around many adults - and they have no fear.
Join Laurel as she and her Gen Z panel discuss:
  • The Stock Market
  • Social Issues
  • School & Work
  • Family
  • Mental Health
  • Relationship & Dating 
  • Political
  • Censorship
These kids are our future. Let’s get to know them!


Ahmad Alkhatib

School: Pitzer College - Sophomore

Major: Organizational Studies

Altru Listings Co-founder

What I want to be: Innovator


Randy Abdalla

School: UC Irvine - Sophomore

Major: Criminology

What I want to be: Corporate lawyer

Andrew Starks

School: Cal Poly - Freshman

Major: Business

What I want to be: Real Estate Attorney


Spencer Fleurant

School: Princeton - Sophomore

Major: Economics

What I want to be: Hedge Fund Manager