The Divorce Niche BootcampTM

On Demand Launches in 2021

Maximize your database


  • Laurel Starks - Court-Appointed Divorce Real Estate Expert & Founder, The Ilumni Institute
  • Shelly Jean John, Esq. - Divorce Attorney and The Ilumni Institute Faculty Member

We've restructured our "Divorce Niche: 8 Weeks to Success" class into a hard-hitting on demand bootcamp!

  • On Demand, Interactive Online Classroom
  • Access to Ilumni U Learning Center
  • Come Away with Confidence, a Game plan, and a Strategy to Maximize Your Database

Be the Agent of Choice

Each student will be provided with an exclusive Ilumni U account, where all of our virtual  and on demand trainings are held, along with your downloadable workbook. During each course, we drill down on one of the three major topics: How Realtors Can Fix a Broken System, Proficiency in Divorce Listings, and Develop Your Strategy.

Attorney John and I will walk you through an interactive journey to become the divorce agent of choice in your sphere. You will walk away with:

  • The strategy for building a divorce niche business
  • An understanding of the divorcing homeowner's psychology
  • Tools for handling high conflict behavior
  • Our proven Divorce Listing Method
  • A system for maximizing your database to earn the divorce listings hidden within it

Meet Our Faculty

Laurel Headshot Laurel Starks - As the Founder of The Ilumni Institute, divorce real estate is what I live and breathe every day. Through working this niche for nearly 15 years, I have developed a specific model for handling divorce listings, and I'm still in the trenches, serving my Southern California community as a divorce real estate expert. 



Shelly-Jean-JohnIlumni faculty Divorce Attorney, Shelly Jean John, Esq., is a practicing Family Law attorney and a trained mediator. A long-time mentor to Laurel, Ms. John brings the legal perspective to our course, and her experience truly brings the discussion to life. She serves as a tremendous asset to our Ilumni faculty. 


In this 3-Day Bootcamp, You Will Learn:

  • Divorce 101 
  • Proficiency in Divorce Listings
  • Creating A Game Plan: Conquer the unique challenges of divorce listings
  • The Pitfalls: Analysis of common issues facing divorce listings - and how to solve them
  • High Conflict Behavior: Insight onto identifying these behaviors, and how to handle them
  • Your Role as the Divorce Agent
  • The Power of the Court in Divorce
  • The Divorce Listing Method
  • How to Negotiate in a Divorce Listing

Right now, in your sphere, there are families who are struggling. They need a trusted professional who can effectively advise them, and handle their largest and most precious asset - the House. The last thing they need is an unskilled agent who will make matters worse - and add years to their recovery. At The Ilumni Institute, we exist to develop agents to serve their community with the utmost care, ethics, and efficiency, so that every divorcing couple is ensured the best possible outcome.

What Others Are Saying

  • "Received my first court ordered listing yesterday and I'm already using tools learned from this course!" - Kathleen Gabriel Craig
  • "Great class yesterday! Really opened my eyes to the tremendous responsibility we have in training ourselves to be professional, to know and understand the legal process and the little scenarios that will pop up and the problems that could arise if not handled properly!" - Sammy Tovar
  • "Amazing info today, thank you Shelly and Laurel!" - Amanda Guerin
  • "Laurel & Shelly, Thank you for your insights and answers to my questions. - Your New York Connection" - Diallo Stevens
  • "Awesome information so many things 'regular Realtors' don't take into consideration when it comes to: 1) splitting home info, and 2) the win/lose zero sum situation that arises and how it impacts families. The conflict spectrum really got me  thinking about how we will handle people in the 70-100% conflict range.  Can't wait for tomorrow's class!" - Sammy Tovar
  • "Great info on yesterday's class - made me think of few of the situations I was involved in divorce sales - a couple were bad - there was a listing appointment that I walked away from - the house was in horrible state - couple were living with locked doors in the same house was a real War of the Roses.  So looking forward to learning more..." - Rami Rosen


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