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unspoken truths

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Originally Aired: Tuesday, March 30th, 2021
10:00 - 11:00 AM PST

Your Host: Laurel Starks interviews

Vija Williams, Christy Belt Grossman & Adelina Rotar

The Unspoken Truths:
Marriage / Family / Business
Some call it counter-culture, others call it a modern family. Join me as we have a conversation about the dynamics of marriage, family, and business that are rarely talked the open.
  • How do they do it all? Hint: They don't.
  • Mom guilt: Ain’t no shame in their game! These women aren’t winning any baking contests and can’t work the dishwasher - but make no mistake, their kids get the best of them!
  • Success: Such a big word - what even is the definition, anyway?
  • The Tribe: These are your people. The ones cheering for you at your peaks, walking with you during life’s humble moments. No matter how raw you are - they get you.

Since 2012, this tribe of four friends, referred to as “The Amigas,” has held various leadership roles in the real estate industry. Together, they have amassed over $2 Billion in business volume. Having met at an Indian restaurant in an historic jail during a real estate conference, they've had an ongoing, non-stop, daily chat conversation ever since.

Representing four generations, they discuss everything from botox to leadership, eyelashes to P&Ls, husbands to business building, kids to investing, and always a good dose of the daily juice! They’ve traveled the country together in pursuit of education, vacationed around the world, championed one another’s success, and always, always give honest feedback - even when the truth hurts!

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Adelina Rotar

Founding Partner, PLACE
  • Austin, TX
  • Millenial
  • Married to John, General Contractor
  • Two kids: Andrea, 13; Lucas, 10


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Christy Belt Grossman

CEO & Founder, OpsBoss® Coaching
  • Vienna, VA
  • Baby Boomer
  • Married to Bill, pastoral associate & baseball coach
  • Two adopted daughters, Katie, 37 & Melissa, 30
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Vija Williams

Director of Growth, General Manager for Ben Kinney Keller Williams Brokerages & of The Vija Group
  • Seattle, WA
  • Gen X
  • Married to Ben, the CEO of the Williams’ household
  • Three kids: Michael, 21; Aidan, 17; Zoe, 11
Hosted by: 
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Laurel Starks

CEO - Starks Realty Group, CEO / Founder - The Ilumni® Institute
  • Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • Gen X
  • Married to Sean, business owner (custom home theater)
  • Two kids: Andrew, 19; Austin, 17